Commercial 3M™ Safety Series

3M security films are clear, single-layer polyester film and are applied to the inside of a glass door or window. If the glass were to break, it would break in place without being spread all over the floor or ground.

A building’s most vulnerable part is its glazing. Windows, while architecturally necessary, expose building occupants to certain dangers. Burglars gain access to offices through windows and glass doors. A detonated terrorist bomb will cause nearby glass to implode at high velocities in tiny shards. Flying debris from hurricanes can smash through a window and cause harm. 3M Safety & Security Window Film reduces these dangers.

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Commercial Safety Series Documents:

• Commercial Safety & Security Brochure
• Safety S70 Sample Card
• Safety S80 Data Sheet
• Safety S140 Data Sheet
• Commercial Safety & Security 10-Year Warranty